A New View


The theme of 2022 Eye Donation Month is “A New View,” which celebrates the new perspective on life that corneal transplant recipients experience after having their sight restored, and the change in viewpoint donor families express when the pain of a loved one’s death is at least partially mitigated by the opportunity to share the gift of sight with someone in need of a transplant.


We asked friends of Southern Eye Bank: 

How has working with SEB changed your perception of donation and the gift of sight?

Here’s what they said…


“Donation has created a new perspective of appreciation for me. Life is short so be appreciative and intentional of the time that we have. Also appreciative that we get to be a part of something that brings hope to those experiencing the loss of a loved one and for the recipient having their sight restored.”

– Alan Blake, President/CEO of Advancing Sight Network

“When I started working for Southern Eye Bank, I knew nothing about donation or eye banks. Working here has shown me the stunning effects of donation on the donor family, the recipients and everyone who works to make donation possible. The quiet courage of saying yes becomes a voice that challenges the perception of a negative world. Each yes is a call that connects hearts around the world, encircling the globe with an energy and love that reflects our highest and best selves.”

– Joy Fragola, SEB Professional Outreach Director

“Donation has taught and illustrated for me what a silver lining is. To turn a tragedy into another’s second chance. It has both scared and prepared me for what life can throw your way. I have learned to take advantage of all the time I have whether it is my own or with someone I love.”

– Adam Leimer, SEB Technical Director

“Organ donation always made sense to me, but apart from checking that box each time I renewed my license, I didn’t know much about it. Working with Southern Eye Bank has allowed me a glimpse inside the process—all of the coordination necessary to make it a possibility, the impact donation can have not only on the recipient but the donor family as well, and the importance of continuing to spread the word. The people behind the scenes of donation see families through some of the toughest times of their lives, and they do so with care and compassion, ensuring that each donor’s gift is handled with great respect.”

– Emily E., Graphic Designer

“I always thought of organ donation as a scary thing, that they were ‘taking’ a part of you, but the thing I didn’t know was they were taking the best of you and giving it to someone else who will continue to cherish life in your honor.”

– Arantxa L-O, Social Media Manager

It was always obvious that organ donation was beneficial to the transplant recipient. What I’ve learned since working with Southern Eye Bank is the very real and tangible benefits to the grieving process for the donor families. Another way to keep your loved one’s memory alive in a positive light, receiving a ray of hope and purpose during a dark time. nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but I’ve seen that organ donation can help ease that loss, if only a little, and sometimes, only a little can help pull us out of the darkness.

– Jeremy Y., Business Owner

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