Donor Stories: Two Daughters and a Husband


The following is a letter Southern Eye Bank received from a donor family:


Our family would like to acknowledge Southern Eye Bank for its honorable efforts in restoring eyesight throughout the state of Louisiana. We thank you for your outreach confirming transplantation of our loving mother’s/wife’s eyes and are reaching back out regarding this donation that she was the donor of. We pray all is well with the recipient, and are thrilled to know that our beloved donor was able to give the gift of sight to someone after she passed away.

Our mother/wife was such a kind and compassionate woman, always extending love and grace to others, and gifted our family with many blessings throughout her life. We are deeply grateful to know her gifts are still reaching others, allowing someone to see and enjoy the world.

It is because of her love for others that she was able to so freely and selflessly make a donation that could so positively impact another’s life. We would love the opportunity to be able to meet the person who received this blessing. The idea that a part of her lives on brings us such comfort – and we are hopeful of the chance to get to express our joy of that in-person.

We thank you for being open to our request, and please know that we respect the wishes of the recipient regarding an interest in meeting. We send well wishes for continued blessings to our mother’s recipient and that a rich life continues on in her name.

Two Daughters and a Husband

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