Employee Spotlight: Terry Scheel


Say hello to Terry Scheel…

Terry Scheel Southern Eye Bank Heart of Donation

What is your job title?
I am a Recovery Technician, which means I travel to the donor’s location of passing and perform the procedure of procurement on the donated tissue. I also function in the role of referral coordinator, when needed. This function entails initiating personal contact, via phone, with the donor’s families, and obtaining consent for donations.

How long have you worked for SEB?
In August of 2013, I began working here as a secondary job. Upon my retirement from being a paramedic for 31 years, it then became my full-time job.

How does your work help donation?
If we, as organ procurement agencies, did not do this valuable job, citizens in need of life-changing/saving transplants may not receive the tissues they so desperately require. We provide an opportunity for recipients to have the potential to live a fuller life post-transplant.

Why is your work important to you?
My entire adult life and careers have been committed to helping and changing lives of the people that live and visit my community. Being a recovery technician for these life-changing surgeries continues to fulfill that commitment I cherish.

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