Recipient Stories: All of Our Gratitude


My friend,

I am the mother of a sweet four-year-old boy who has had two corneal transplants. One cornea came from you. I think of you every day. My son’s first corneal transplant happened when he was two years old but unfortunately did not heal well. His doctor has said that this cornea was beautiful and has a very high percentage rate of success.

My son likes to play outside but we watch him carefully. He also loves to play with his sister and brother. My husband will be returning from his service in November and has not seen our son since the surgery. He will see a different child. He is much happier now. My son does not know how lucky he is that your family agreed to donate. He will. I will tell him over and over again about his donor. We are very grateful for the first donor and are very grateful for you.

Because of your generosity, my son and our family live a normal life. The ophthalmologist stated that my son may never need another transplant and that he is very fortunate because pediatric corneas are very hard to locate. That makes me believe that the donor was a child like my son. I can’t imagine losing a child or any member of my family and then turning around and helping someone you don’t even know. I can’t thank you enough. I will always let my son know how much of a hero his donor family is to us.

All of our gratitude.

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