Recipient Stories: We Blink Together Now


Glenda, the mother of five, sent a “Thank You” letter to the mother of her 17-year-old cornea donor. She wrote that she now has six children. “Five who are still with me and one who helps me see the world with his enthusiasm and joy.”

My donor,

I did not know you but I wish I did. I wish I knew your name. I have been talking to you, imagining you, and thanking you every day since the operation. I also think of your family; their loss must be devastating. Sometimes I can almost feel their grief, perhaps it is because we are now connected. I can only hope that my gratitude for your very special gift to me brings them some solace. And know from now on, every image I see, every image I record, will share a part of your vision in it. We blink together now, across the divide.

A grateful recipient

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